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Soon to be Released!

January 2023

Shattered Lives

What do you do when your world crumbles?

In Shattered Lives, you’ll meet the teenagers living hundreds of miles apart before their lives become inexorably tangled in a fight to survive hitmen working for a criminal syndicate.

After Tommy Galvez’s parents were in a horrific car crash, the eighteen-year-old mechanic finds himself provider and protector of his younger sisters in a drug and gang-infested San Jose barrio. His older sister, supposedly safe at California State University, Sacramento calls him begging for help after a date goes horribly wrong. Tommy grabs the younger girls and races to save her life.


Meanwhile in Utah, eighteen-year-old Ashten Mason, a university student, detective’s daughter, and occasional amateur sleuth, pursues her unquenchable thirst for perfection. However, her plan to graduate with honors fractures when she’s falsely accused of committing a felony. Faced with expulsion from the university, she uses skills her father taught her to search for clues to exonerate herself. A twist of events leads Miss Perfect to make decisions that could get her arrested.


She’ll regret her choices to the day she dies.

Active Contest:

February 24, 2023

Shattered Lives

Error Hunt

Joining Kierstin’s Co-conspirators earns you FREE ebooks and cool prizes in exchange for error hunting. This deal currently applies to Shattered Lives Book 0.5, Reluctant Promises Book 1, & Stupid Lies Book 2.

The FIRST beta reader who finds the MOST typos wins a $20 Amazon gift certificate.


The FIRST beta reader who sends me their MOST and LEAST favorite thing about EACH chapter earns a $50 Amazon gift certificate.


EX: I liked getting to know the characters in this chapter, but it was kind of slow. If you cut ____ part, it would go faster.


Email your findings to Winners will be posted on the Contest page.


To join Kierstin’s Co-conspirators, go to and click on “Let me tell you a story” follow the prompts.

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