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Mason Family Mysteries

This Super-Series will make you despise the villains, laugh with the heroes and heroines, and cry for helpless victims. In the end, you’ll want to reach out and help someone in need.

 These stories are clean, pretzel-twisty and rated PG 13+ for creepy villains and violence. They are tangled webs of intrigue where things aren’t always as they seem and contain an overarching mystery to keep you on your toes. Some books have Biblical swear words and the type of cliffhanger endings that make you binge-watch your favorite TV shows. 

Shattered Lives Banner.jpg

The Missing Butterfly Series

Mystery - Suspense

Shattered Lives - Series Starter

Reluctant Promises - The Abduction Book 1

Stupid Lies - The Abduction Book 2 (In Development)

Stolen Future (Novella)(Exclusive for Beta-Readers) (In Development)

Illegal Friends - The Abduction Book 3 (In Development)

Crooked Runway (Novella) (Exclusive for Beta-Readers) (Pre-Development)

Critical Mistakes - The Abduction Book 4 (Pre-Developement)

Butterfly Collection
Image by Ksenia Makagonova

The Aurelian Society Series

Mystery - Suspense

The Hunted - Book 1 & 2 (In Pre-Developement)

Eric's Story (In Pre-Development)

Zayne's Story (In Pre-Development)

Romance in Nature

The Rescue Series

Mystery - Suspense

Smiling Eyes (In Pre-Development)

Surrender is not an Option (In Pre-Development)

The Destroying Angel (In Pre-Development)

People helping each other hike up a mountain at sunrise.  Giving a helping hand, and activ
Image by M.
Romance in Nature

The Conviction Series


Hide and Seek (In Pre-Development)

The Ties that Bind (In Pre-Development)

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