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I'm looking for unique readers who spot errors like: typos, inconsistencies, plot holes, and timing issues.

If you think you have what it takes, sign up to be a Co-Conspirator below and tell me which book/s you're interested in helping with.

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How could trying to do the right thing turn out so wrong?

In Stupid Lies, Reluctant Promises’ stunning sequel, Markus Mason, a captain over detectives discovers that his daughter has gone missing with a man wanted for murder and in connection to a human trafficking case. Nothing but death will stop him from solving his daughter’s mysterious disappearance.


Upon recovering enough to think beyond pain and the fear of losing her leg, Ashten Mason is determined to help her kidnapper who risked his life to save hers, but lying to her sheriff’s deputy father and the FBI about their relationship turns out to be the stupidest thing Ashten has ever done. Now, the FBI think she’s an accomplice to murder, the real killers see her as bait for Tommy, and her dad thinks she has Stockholm Syndrome. If her dad finds out her secrets—including how deep her feelings for the felon really are—Tommy might be safer seeking sanctuary with the hitmen trying to kill him.


Staying alive is a minute-by-minute challenge Tommy is seconds away from losing. Not sure if a raging flood or hitmen working for a powerful criminal syndicate will take him out, Tommy must dig deep to find the strength to survive. Crawling through hell to accomplish that and keeping the promises he made to a dying woman turns out to be easy compared to protecting the cop’s daughter he needs to rescue one more time.

Stolen Future

Who do you trust when everyone lies?

In Stolen Future, 15-year-old history buff Sammie Taylor is frustrated with her mother’s Paranoid Personality Disorder and being treated unfairly by her father and his abusive new wife. Fed up with them all, Sammie runs away and finds herself in the hands of evil people. Using historical events to back up her courage, she enters a struggle she can’t win, but one she can’t afford to lose.

Illegal Friends

Could you turn your back on someone who needs you?

In Illegal Friends, chaos reigns after the Aurelian Society’s hitmen burn the Masons’ home to the ground and shoot Ashten, Brandon, and Tommy. While Ashten prays for her brother to wake up from a coma and for Tommy to recover, her dad is dealing with his fury by hunting felons and has Tommy in his crosshairs.

Helping Tommy prove his innocence will obliterate the closeness she has always shared with her father but abandoning the man who saved her life then walked through fire to rescue Brandon isn’t something the daddy’s girl can do—no matter what it costs her.

Although wounded in an intense firefight trying to save lives, Tommy faces decades in prison. The secrets he’s keeping could save him but revealing them endangers his sisters. Will Ashten’s crazy schemes rescue Tommy’s or will the Aurelians kill them both?

While Markus Mason’s son, Brandon is clinging to life and his daughter and the felon are recovering, Markus Mason joins forces with FBI Agent Taya Shepherd to hunt the people responsible for attempting to murder them, his wife, and the mystery girl who seems to have started it all.

Sammie has retreated to the only safe haven she can find, an imaginary meadow where her dead mother is waiting for her with a hug and a picnic lunch. Will waking up to discover the truth drive her farther into the depths of mental illness or help her reveal the identities of the Aurelians who want her dead?

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