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A butterfly resting on a broken glass

Shattered Lives

What do you do when your world falls apart?


In Shattered Lives, the Missing Butterflies Series starter, you’ll meet the teenagers living hundreds of miles apart BEFORE their lives become inexorably tangled in a fight to survive hitmen working for a criminal syndicate.


In Utah, 18-year-old Ashten Mason, a university student, detective’s daughter, and occasional amateur sleuth, pursues her unquenchable thirst for perfection. However, her plan to graduate with honors fractures when she’s falsely accused of committing a felony. Faced with expulsion from the university, she uses skills her father taught her to search for clues to exonerate herself. A twist of events leads Miss Perfect to make decisions that could get her arrested or murdered.


Meanwhile, in San Jose, California, after Tommy Galvez’s parents were in a horrific car crash, the 18-year-old mechanic finds himself provider and protector of his younger sisters in a drug and gang-infested San Jose barrio. His older sister, supposedly safe at California State University, Sacramento calls him begging for help after a date goes horribly wrong. Tommy grabs the younger girls and races to save her life.


While Ashten and Tommy are tackling their problems, an undercurrent of evil known as the Aurelian Society ensnares innocent victims in riptides of danger and intrigue. One of the Society’s minions, 15-year-old Shiloh Nash attempts to manipulate her way into a position of power while her fellow minion and foster mother struggles to remember who she is and how to control fits of violence that leave a trail of bodies in her wake.

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